Homeworker Wellbeing Questionnaire

A highly configurable online Homeworker Wellbeing Questionnaire that enables employers to carry out regular wellbeing surveys easily and quickly on large numbers of employees.

Employers have a general duty of care to safeguard the mental wellbeing of their employees whilst at work. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that employers should “ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all his employees”. For homeworkers, wellbeing is particularly important as many challenges they face are linked to mental resilience, such as loneliness, isolation, lack of motivation, lack of routine and lack of connection. More than half of UK workers were feeling more anxious or stressed while working from home during the pandemic, according to research by LinkedIn. Furthermore, being remote makes it far more difficult for employers to recognise stress, anxiety and wellbeing problems in homeworkers.

The Homeworker Wellbeing Questionnaire enables employers to care for their employees’ wellbeing and meet their Health and Safety obligations easily and quickly. It is built upon the widely used PERMA model of general wellbeing and happiness developed by American psychologist and educator Martin Seligman, which has been adapted and expanded to make it relevant for homeworkers. It also works for office based employees too!

MyHaswell Model of Wellbeing

wellbeing diagram

Employees complete the wellbeing questionnaire from their smartphone, tablet or computer on a regular basis, which includes eight core questions reflecting the different elements of the model and supplementary questions to explore each element in more depth where required. Line managers/human resources will receive prompts and analytics to alert them to individuals and teams that are at risk of mental wellbeing issues so that they can work with them to improve and manage their working environment. The system manages and controls the entire process, so that caring for the wellbeing of employees is simple and cost-effective to achieve.

App Screenshots

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Key elements

Set-up. A simple suite that enables employers to customise the standard process and questionnaire to meet the needs of their organisation; and enter employee details so that automated e-mails and prompts can be issued to employees and line managers/human resources.

Roll-out. A fully automated roll-out facility that includes email requests, reminders and prompts for employees and line managers/human resources is provided to enable monitoring and ensure high take-up rates are achieved.

Employee questionnaire. A simple online questionnaire accessible from smartphone, tablet or computer that enables employees to assess their current wellbeing, which includes a series of supplementary questions so that any areas of dissatisfaction can be explored in more depth.

Line manager/human resources review. A review facility that allows line managers/human resources to view the questionnaire results of allocated employees and teams, so that appropriate action can be taken to resolve any issues.

Diagnostics. A comprehensive reporting suite that provides meaningful analytics for monitoring and controlling the entire wellbeing questionnaire process with dashboards at global, business and local levels and drill down reports for full trend analysis.

Archive. An archive facility that retains the last 5 questionnaire records for as long as necessary, in order to support employers’ defence against any legal action or injury claim with respect to health and wellbeing responsibilities in the future.

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