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Pulse Survey

Employee Pulse Survey

A highly configurable online Employee Pulse Survey that enables employers to carry out short employee surveys easily and quickly on large numbers of employees.

More and more companies are adopting pulse surveys within their organisations. They are a quick and efficient way to gather insights about employee engagement, attitudes and other valuable details. Pulse surveys are relatively short, typically between 5 and 15 questions, and dispatched on a frequent basis, such as on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. They allow companies to hone in on particular topics and see changes and improvements in overall employee satisfaction and engagement throughout the year. Pulse surveys do not replace the annual employee satisfaction survey, but are often used to compliment the larger data set.

The Employee Pulse Survey enables employers to conduct fast and frequent surveys to gather insights about employee opinion easily and quickly. Employers craft their own surveys, set the frequency that surveys are sent, and select who the survey is sent to. Employees complete the survey from their smartphone, tablet or computer, in just a few minutes. Line managers/human resources review and analyse the survey data through a dashboard analysis, which can be cut by the company’s own key criteria. The system manages and controls the entire process, so that caring for the wellbeing of employees is simple and cost-effective to achieve.

Key elements

Set-up. A simple suite that enables employers to create their own surveys that meet the needs of their organisation; and enter employee details so that automated e-mails and prompts can be issued to employees and line managers/human resources.

Roll-out. A fully automated roll-out facility that includes email requests, reminders and prompts for employees and line managers/human resources is provided to enable monitoring and ensure high take-up rates are achieved.

Employee questionnaire. A simple online questionnaire accessible from smartphone, tablet or computer that enables employees to complete the pulse survey quickly and easily.

Line manager/human resources review. A review facility that allows line managers/human resources to view the questionnaire results of allocated employees and teams, so that appropriate action can be taken to resolve any issues.

Diagnostics. A comprehensive reporting suite that provides meaningful analytics for monitoring and controlling the entire survey process with dashboards at global, business and local levels and drill down reports for full trend analysis.

Archive. An archive facility that will retain questionnaire records for as long as necessary, so that employers can refer back to previous survey data.

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