Our Values

The Core Pillars of our Identity and Principles

Our values guide our behaviour and help us enjoy our time at work. They inform how we act, the decisions we make and how we work with each other and our customers.

These values guide everything we do

Customer Service. We have our customers in mind in every investment and decision we make, and pull out all stops to make the satisfaction of our customers paramount.

Ethics. We have strong principles to guide our decisions and actions, anda we will never betray doing what is right for our customers.

Fun. We feel it’s important to have a sense of humour. We like to laugh—it makes our work that much more enjoyable.

Integrity. We say what we mean, and mean what we say. We stick to our commitments, treat everyone fairly, and communicate openly and honestly.

Innovation. We aim for innovation not only in our application development but also in the way we approach all aspects of our business.

Passion. We use our drive and commitment to continuously move forward, innovate and improve MyHaswell.

Quality. We pride ourselves in making and providing the best solutions and services for our customers – simply put that’s why we exist.

Simplicity. We value ours and our customers’ time so everything we do is approached in the most straightforward way – not complex or convoluted.

Speed. We understand that our customers are short on time, so we set aggressive deadlines and honour them at all cost.

Sustainability. We are committed to ensuring that our work does not overtly deplete the earth’s resources or cause damage to the environment.

Trust. We build good, strong, lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers based on honesty, trust and professionalism.

If you have a question about MyHaswell, please send us a message

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